A multifaceted,
resource site

ICAN Resource Group Inc. provides services, solutions, and resources in three distinct areas. They are all connected by one dynamic focal point: Ean Price, the founder and CEO. He leads a team of professionals inspired by his irrepressible drive to find a solution to any problem.


Our design team has experts in many technologies including graphic design, website creation, video editing, 3D printing, PCB design, and social media marketing. We are ready to work with you on your next project.


Travelling with a disability can be a challenge. Our travel section contains helpful guides on how to overcome them. Ean and fellow expert travellers have catalogued their journeys from across the globe so you can plan your trip with confidence!


The first assistive technology developed in-house was the C9000 – a portable battery powered retractable suctioning attachment. ICAN Resource Group Inc. is now working diligently to expand our lineup of open-source assistive technologies.

Meet Ean Price

I love challenges. ICAN Resources Group Inc. combines the interests I am most passionate about into a business where I can spend each day solving new, exciting challenges for myself and our clients.

Building an excellent team

Assembling a team of like-minded individuals has expanded ICAN Resource Group Inc.’s capacity for solving challenges to new heights. A whole new world of possibilities is now open.

Let’s work together

Our team is dedicated to creating the best solution to any problem. Exceeding expectations is always top priority when working with our clients.
Welcome to ICAN!

Change your perspective

As a young adult entering the professional world, I knew there were many challenges ahead of me. The biggest? Working for another company on their schedule. I realized being an entrepreneur would provide me the freedom and independence to succeed – ICAN Resource Group Inc. is the result.

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