Hola, Mexico City!

Dan Spelts has been visiting Mexico City many times since 2017. His in-laws live in this incredibly cosmopolitan city. He stays at their house in a residential area and generally travels at least once a year flying from Vancouver directly to Mexico City. He has Cerebral Palsy and uses a manual wheelchair to get around in Mexico because he is not confident that his power wheelchair will be transported carefully enough by the airline.

Travel times: You can visit Mexico City all year round as the temperature stays generally in the 20º C/ 70 F. The rainy season is between June and September. December is one of the driest months.

Flight information: Mexico City Airport (MEX) is easy to navigate as it offers wide hallways. Dan uses Air Canada which has many flights from various Canadian airports all year round.

Dan sitting in a chair in his in-laws backyard
Enjoying the backyard of his in-law
Dan on the road in for Christmas celebrations in Mexico City
Downtown Mexico City for Christmas
Dan visits the pyramid of the sun
Visiting the Pyramid of the Sun
Dan about to eat his favourite cake
Dan eating his favourite cake

Practical Tips for Mexico City

Things Dan would like to highlight :

  • Generally Air Canada is an accommodating airline but Dan has had issues with his luggage and a broken wheelchair
  • The newer areas of Mexico City have accessible sidewalks but not the older parts of the city
  • The food is amazing in Mexico City
  • A worthwhile excursion about 31 miles/50 kms north of Mexico City, is to the Pyramid of the Sun. However, only the lower part of the pyramid is accessible

Three things to bear in mind:

  • Dan stayed with family and hasn’t used tourist accommodations
  • Using public transport to move around town can be difficult
  • He finds sidewalks are often too narrow for his power wheelchair in Mexico City so he uses a manual chair
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