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“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”
Let’s demand that the world be accessible to everyone. Inclusivity is possible.

Ean’s travels

Ean Price has travelled extensively around the world for many years. He has collected a wealth of information about accessible travel and is happy to share with fellow travellers.

Fellow travellers

More and more people living with a disability are making the decision to explore the world. Here is the growing collection of their experiences.

Travel Agencies

While researching and preparing for travels across the world is part of the fun, it is important to find an experienced travel agent who will work with you to get it right.

Shambhala Music Festival Summer 2022

Taking place in the heart of Salmo, British Columbia, Canada, Shambhala is an annual festival renowned for its exceptional electronic music performances. Boasting six unique stages and a multitude of art exhibits, the festival thrives amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Salmo Valley. The event garners the attention of more than 15,000 music and art lovers each year, firmly establishing itself as a pivotal player in the global music circuit.

My journey with Shambhala began back in 2004, and it left a deep impression on me. The natural charm of the locale and the vibrant energy of the attendees formed a magnetic attraction. Shambhala isn’t just a festival; it’s a community, fostering an environment unlike any other. It’s a hub where people, irrespective of age or background, gather to delve into meditation, yoga, and mindfulness. The emphasis on unity, compassion, and connectivity nurtures a feeling of inclusiveness and security.

Guests with disabilities, fondly referred to as “Shambha-Abled”, are well catered to with designated camping areas, a wheelchair-accessible bathroom, and shared electrical outlets for charging power wheelchairs. A special highlight for me was the express entry at the main gate and the privilege of free re-entry, enabling us to lodge at the nearby Reno Motel.

The quaint town of Salmo is quite a sight, adorned with stone murals and lush parks. The town is known for its accessibility features such as curb cut sidewalks and most shops providing level entry. Quite impressive for a town with a modest population slightly over 1,000. Altogether, Shambhala presents a delightful experience for all.

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A passion for travel

Ean: “For me there is nothing more amazing than arriving in a new country, leaving the plane for the first time and taking that first breath of air. I realize it is a little ironic coming from a man using a ventilator. But that first breath, especially when I arrive at a tropical destination, announces immediately I am not in Canada anymore: that is unbelievably exciting for me.

Experiencing that initial rush of hot air signals to me without a doubt I am at the beginning of an amazing adventure. Of course, I won’t have truly arrived until I’m in my wheelchair. The exhilarating first moment is only three quarters of having made it to my destination. I hope ICAN travel will be able to help you navigate all parts of your travels to minimize your work and maximize the enjoyment.”

Ean’s travels and how-tos

Ean has visited many places around the world. This section is not only about him sharing his experiences of those trips but also offering his well tested planning approach including handy lists of what he himself packs when he sets out on another adventure.

Share YOUR travel expertise

We invite contributions of fellow adventurers travelling with a disability to share their stories of exploring the world and how they went about organizing their trips. This information will not only inspire but may also help other people living with a disability to organize future trips. Please send us a message so we can talk!

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